I started my gem career in 2007-2009 when I decided to study for Gemology Foundation and Diploma with the Gemological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A), parallel to my studies in Gemstone Technology at Luleå University of Technology (LTU),mainly conducting my practical training at the company Kristallen AB in Lannavaara, Kiruna

I continued my studies with a Diamond Diploma course, DGA also. My graduation in 2010 and the graduation ceremony (page 114) was held at Goldsmiths’ Hall. In 2012 I was honoured to become a Gem-A Tutor, Foundation and Diploma for Kristallen AB in Lannavaara, co-organising courses for the students in FGA, DGA programmes.

In order to achieve my goal of becoming a professional gem cutter. My gem cutting training started in 2012 – 2014. Today my daily work can be everything from gem repairs to new productions, but also accept special orders of gems and minerals.