Any breach or violation of the Terms will promptly lead to the termination of your Services.

1] All digital media is a property of

2] We can refuse service or orders for any reason at any time. This includes limiting or canceling the number of items you buy per person, household, or order, at our discretion.

3] All prices exclude tax unless otherwise stated. There are no refunds or discounts offered on services, and all completed services must be paid for. Products remain our property until the invoice is fully settled. Unpaid fees will be reminded by email, and if not resolved, may be sent to a bailiff. If you need to withdraw a service request, please do so promptly via email. It’s important to provide accurate information when requesting services via email. We document all jobs with before and after pictures, including the gemstone on a scale to show the weight in carats before and after.

4] Right of withdrawal
Please return the products to us within 14 days of cancelling your order. You’re responsible for the return shipping and ensuring the products are in good condition and well packaged. If the product is used or damaged, we may deduct a portion of the refund to account for the decrease in value.
Please note that certain items, like specially made products or services that have been completed with your agreement, may not be eligible for return. If a product arrives damaged or incorrect, we’ll fix it at no cost to you, in line with consumer protection laws.

5] If you need to return a defective item, please contact us first for approval. Be sure to report any issues as soon as you notice them by emailing us with your name, address, email, and a description of the problem. We reserve the right to reject complaints if the product isn’t defective according to consumer protection laws. For complaints, we follow the General Complaints Board guidelines at
We aren’t liable for indirect damages caused by the product. We also don’t take responsibility for delays or errors beyond our control, like pandemics, labor disputes, or supplier issues. Additionally, any changes to products by the supplier or other factors beyond our control aren’t our responsibility.

6] We want to clarify our terms and conditions regarding the cutting process. While we strive for the best results, please note that we cannot be held responsible for any breakage occurring during cutting, especially due to existing internal stress or fractures. We cannot guarantee uninterrupted, timely, or error-free service, nor can we ensure the accuracy of results obtained. Additionally, we reserve the right to temporarily remove or cancel our service without prior notice.
When recutting gemstones, our aim is to maximize yield and save weight, which may require significant time and effort. However, if clients wish to expedite the process and reduce costs, this may impact the yield. It’s important to communicate any preferences or concerns upfront.
For cleaning non-organic gemstones, we use Acetone. If gemstones have been treated with substances like oil, please inform us beforehand. Loose gemstones without certification may have undergone treatment, and we cannot be held responsible if they are affected by Acetone.

7] You agree that we can use any comments you send us in any way we want, like editing, copying, or publishing them. However, if you tell us it’s confidential, we won’t share it publicly. If you break any of these rules, your service will be stopped right away. We’re not responsible for any comments made by you or others.

8] Personal information (GDPR)
By shopping at, you accept our data protection policy and our processing of your personal data. We protect your privacy and do not collect more information than necessary to process your order. We never sell or pass on your information to third parties without legal basis. is responsible for the processing of personal data that you have provided to us as a customer. Your personal information is processed by us to be able to handle your order and in those times when you have requested newsletters or promotional offers – to be able to adapt the marketing to your individual needs. The information below is a summary of how we store and process your data in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What information do we store?
To be able to handle your order and answer questions related to your order (customer service), we store your first and last name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address and purchase history. Your information is stored as long as we have a legal basis to process your information, for example to fulfill the agreement between us or to comply with a legal obligation under, for example, the Accounting Act.

9] Legal basis
In connection with a purchase, your personal data is processed to complete the agreement with you. Marketing, promotions and similar mailings take place with your consent. What information is shared and for what purpose?

Payment provider
When you buy something, we share your details with our payment provider, which includes your first and last name, address, email, and phone number. If you pay by invoice, we also save the payment provider’s social security number. We keep this information to process the purchase and prevent fraud.
Our payment providers include Zettle.

Shipping company
To fulfill your orders, we need to share certain details with the shipping company. This includes your first name, last name, and address for delivery. We might also share your email or phone number for notifications. We work with shipping companies like Postnord, DHL, and UPS.

The right of access
You have the right to receive extracts from all information available about you with us.
Excerpts are delivered electronically in a readable format.

Right to rectification
You have the right to ask us to update incorrect information or supplement information that is incomplete.

The right to be forgotten
You can request that the information concerning you be deleted at any time. There are few exceptions to the right to deletion, such as if it is to be retained because we must fulfill a legal obligation (for example according to the Accounting Act).

Responsible for data protection is responsible for the storage and processing of personal data in the online store and ensures that the rules are followed.